How to Launch Your Give A Hand Fundraiser

Give A Hand is here to help humanity support causes in need. And all it takes is a few minutes to get your own fundraiser up and running.

Even if you’re starting without an account, the whole process will take around five minutes. Let’s walk through the entire journey of launching your Give A Hand fundraiser.

Create Your Give A Hand Account

If you already have an account on our platform, great! You can skip ahead.If not, go ahead and click “Login.” That’s where you’ll find a “Create Account” button. This is where you’ll enter a few key details:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Your Desired Password

Once you’ve checked out the terms and conditions, you can sign up and confirm your account! You’ll be prompted to start a fundraiser once you’ve signed up. If you’re not ready, don’t worry. You can always come back and find the “Start a fundraiser” button in our website navigation.

Create the Fundraiser

First things first, decide between three options:

  1. Is this fundraiser for you
  2. Is this fundraiser for someone else that you know?
  3. Is this fundraiser for a charity?

This decision will help us determine what sort of fundraiser we’ll host, what tools to provide, and how to help you get the most out of your crowdfunding effort. Now enter the basics of your fundraiser.First, what’s your financial goal? When doing so, remember that a small transaction fee will be taken by Stripe for each donation, so you’ll want to aim slightly higher than your actual financial goal.

TIP: Please keep in mind that you do NOT need to reach your goal to withdraw funds. And your fundraiser doesn’t automatically stop once your goal is reached. So, no pressure.

Second, give your fundraiser a name. This is a chance to stand out and set your fundraiser up for success, so don’t waste this opportunity. The name “Help Spot Walk Again” is likely to receive more donations than a fundraiser titled “Dog Surgery Fundraiser.”

Remember, the name is part of the story.

You’re now ready to dive into our quick and easy four-step process…

Step 1: Basics

  • Select your country of legal residence.
  • Enter your postal code to search for your city.
  • Choose a category for your fundraiser

You’ll likely find an obvious category to choose, such as “Animal & Pets” or “Medical & Illness.” However, you always have the option to choose “Other” if you don’t find a match.

Step 2: Financial Foundation

  • Confirm your fundraising goal. Feel free to adjust your target now.
  • Confirm that the person who will withdraw funds meets certain eligibility criteria:
    • Has a bank account within the country selected
    • Can provide a government-issued driver’s license, state I.D., or passport
    • Is over 18 years old

Step 3: Visuals

  • Add an image
  • Add a YouTube link

Please note that your image will appear in banners and when you share the Give A Hand fundraiser with others, so it should properly represent the fundraiser.

Your YouTube video will appear on your campaign’s page. If you choose to go with a video, please make sure the video is set to “public” on YouTube.

Step 4: Story

  • Confirm your fundraiser’s title.
  • Tell the world why you’re fundraising.

As we mentioned before, your title is part of the story and can make a big difference to the success of your efforts.

When it comes to telling the story, be sure to tick five boxes for optimal success:

  1. Who will benefit?
  2. How will the funds be used?
  3. How soon are the funds needed?
  4. What will this support mean to you, another individual, or the charity?
  5. Express gratitude.

You’ve now created your fundraiser on Give A Hand!

Launch Your Fundraiser

Your fundraiser is live, but it hasn’t really launched until you’ve shared it with the world. Luckily, we give you plenty of options to do so. Plus, we make it easy by offering a ready-to-go link and a QR code connected to your Give A Hand fundraiser.

  1. Share on Social Media

Right in the Give A Hand platform, you’ll find options for Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Skype, Reddit, and LinkedIn.

  1. Share via Email

Your email network can be a powerful tool for raising funds. Find the email option next to the social media options.

  1. Share via Text

Because you’ll have a custom link, you can send your fundraiser directly to your contacts. We recommend including a brief message alongside your link.

Of course, sharing in person is another great way to expand the reach of your fundraiser and connect with individuals on a personal level. So, we encourage you to hold events, visit your friends and neighbors, and speak up as much as possible.

Manage Your Fundraiser

As you begin spreading the word about your Give A Hand fundraiser, you can manage your fundraiser directly from your account. This is where you can adjust the settings of your fundraiser, set up withdrawal transfers, view the total raised, view the balance, visit the help center, and find your share links.

And be sure to view the fundraiser itself to see comments from your donors.

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