Bringing Your Fundraiser to an End

Bringing Your Fundraiser to an End

You’ve reached your financial goal and you’re now ready to conclude your Give A Hand fundraiser. How do you make it happen?

We’ll provide a few options depending on how you’d like to pause or conclude crowdfunding efforts, but let’s start with the path that brings you to those options.

  1. Navigate to your Give A Hand fundraiser Manage page.
  2. Click “Settings.”
  3. From the sub navigation, choose “Settings” once more.

This is where you’ll find a section with three toggles followed by a “Delete Fundraiser” option.

Now, let’s discuss each of these options…

Allow Donors to Leave Comments On My Fundraiser

This first toggle option is self-explanatory, and has little to do with concluding your fundraiser. This will simply determine whether or not donors will be able to leave a note on the fundraiser page when they make a donation.

Toggle this to the off (left) position if you don’t wish to allow donors to leave comments.

Allow Donations to My Fundraiser

This is our recommended way of concluding your Give A Hand fundraiser, at least for a short span of time after you’ve reached your goal.

When you toggle this option to the off (left) position, your fundraiser will no longer accept donations. However, it will still be visible in search results, the comments will remain, and you can still access the fundraiser as an organizer.

Why choose this option rather than deleting the fundraiser altogether?

This is a great way to continue to update your donors on the cause even after you’ve hit your financial target. For example, if you raised all the money you needed for your dog’s surgery, you can come back and post updates on your dog’s recovery.This also leaves a record that you can come back to, which can be especially beneficial when it comes to charities or similar organizations that need to track financials closely.

Allow My Fundraiser to Appear In Search Results

When this is toggled on (right), your Give A Hand fundraiser will appear on the Give A Hand platform and in search engines, even if you are no longer accepting donations. The opposite is true when this is toggled off (left).

Think of this as pausing your fundraiser.

Please note that anyone with the link to your fundraiser will still be able to view the fundraiser even if this option is toggled off (unless the fundraiser is deleted).

Delete This Fundraiser From This Platform

By choosing to delete the fundraiser, you are both removing the ability for the fundraiser to appear and your ability to access the fundraiser. However, your donors will be able to see a summary of the fundraiser.Due to the permanent nature of deleting a fundraiser, you will need to type out “DELETE” when prompted in order to complete this function.

TIP: Remember, when it comes to ending your fundraiser, we recommend turning off the “Allow Donations” option. This will still allow you to access the fundraiser to provide updates and more.

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