Everything to Know About Service Tips

Everything to Know About Service Tips

When you go to make a donation to a Give A Hand fundraiser, you’ll notice a section called “GIVEAHAND SERVICES TIP (OPTIONAL)” beneath the space where you enter your donation amount.

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Here’s everything you need to know about service tips on Give A Hand:

  • These service tips are NOT required. This is an optional tip that will NOT affect your donation in any way.
  • Give A Hand has a 0% platform fee for organizers, which means we rely on the generosity of donors like you to operate our service. Your service tips can help us run our fundraising platform safely, securely, and at a 0% platform fee.
  • The service tip is calculated as a percentage of your donation amount. For example, if you’re donating $100 and add a 10% service tip, the tip amount paid to Give A Hand will be $10. This is in addition to your $100 donation, which goes directly to the fundraiser itself. The total (donation plus service tip) will be reflected at the bottom of the donation page.
  • You can easily adjust the service tip amount by clicking on the percentage or the nearby arrows. If you don’t see the tip percentage you wish to add, you can select “Other” and enter the amount manually.

For any service tip you leave to Give A Hand, we thank you. You’re helping us bring positive change to the world.

TIP: If you accidentally added a service tip or wish to adjust the amount, please get in touch with the Give A Hand team.

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