How to Donate Anonymously On Give A Hand

How to Donate Anonymously On Give A Hand

If you want to donate to a cause you care about, we feel you should be able to do it on your terms. That’s why we give you the ability to donate anonymously.

We’ll soon cover how to make your donation anonymous, but let’s start by laying the foundation so you know exactly how it all works.

What You Need to Know About Anonymous Donations

First and foremost, your donation cannot be entirely anonymous from start to finish. This is for security concerns, and is in the best interest of all parties. For starters, you must enter the name on your credit card when making a donation to ensure the transaction goes through. 

You should also be aware that the organizer or beneficiary will have access to the name on your donation via their fundraiser management portal.

When it comes to Give A Hand donations, an anonymous donation is one in which your name is not public on the fundraiser page.

Two Ways to Make an Anonymous Donation

  1. When making the donation (at checkout page)
  2. After the donation has been made

When making the donation, you have the ability to deselect an option that says, “Show my name on the supporters tab.” By switching this off (left), you make your donation anonymous on the fundraiser page.

If you’ve already donated, you can still make your donation anonymous by getting in touch with our team.

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