How Funds are Transferred for Charity Fundraisers

How Funds are Transferred for Charity Fundraisers

While all Give A Hand fundraisers function the same way with regard to donations and sharing, there’s one key difference: how funds are transferred.

While a fundraiser for an individual will allow you to transfer funds directly to the bank account of the organizer or beneficiary, it doesn’t work quite like that when it comes to fundraisers for charities or nonprofits.

Funds are Transferred Directly to the Charity

Setting up a fundraiser for a charity largely follows the same path as setting up a fundraiser for an individual. You can also share the fundraiser and collect donations in the same manner.

But when it comes to the transfer of funds, Give A Hand handles it all for you.

Rather than sending funds to the organizer of the fundraiser, we transfer the funds directly to the charity. This occurs on the 1st of every month. Please note that donations received on or after the 1st of a given month will be paid out the following month.

TIP: Due to the fact that we’ll be sending the funds directly to the charity, it’s important to select the correct charity from the dropdown when setting up the fundraiser.

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