What You Need to Transfer Funds

What You Need to Transfer Funds

In order to receive the funds from your Give A Hand fundraiser, you’ll need to meet several requirements. You’ll find the list of requirements below, but please know that our payment processor, Stripe, may require additional documentation to verify bank info, identities, and more.

Requirements to receive funds:

  • A United States driver’s license, state I.D., or passport
  • A residential address within the United States (this cannot be a PO box)
  • A United States phone number
  • A United States bank account in your name
  • A United States SSN or ITIN
  • Must be 18 years of age or older

Of course, you’ll need to provide and verify bank account information if you’ll be transferring funds to a personal bank account.

If you don’t meet the requirements for setting up a fundraiser on Give A Hand, please refrain from setting up a fundraiser. Instead, you can find another person to set up the fundraiser for you, as long as that person fulfills all requirements.

Please note that all donations will be refunded in the case that a fundraiser is unable to receive the funds because the organizer does not meet requirements or does not transfer the funds raised within 100 days.

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