Fundraiser Reviews & How to Remove a Hold

Fundraiser Reviews & How to Remove a Hold

Due to the nature of online fundraising, reviews and holds are sometimes utilized by our team to ensure the total safety and security of all fundraising done on the Give A Hand platform. However, these are tools rarely used, and the vast majority of fundraisers are created, hosted, and completed without the need for a review or hold of any kind.

So, let’s start with an obvious question…

Why a Review Or Hold Might Be Placed On Your Fundraiser

In rare circumstances, our team will need to gather additional information about a fundraiser. This is to protect donors, and to provide donors with access to information about how their donations are handled.

Please note that any review or hold we place on a fundraiser is for the sake of facilitating a secure and safe online fundraising experience for all involved.

Typical Length of Reviews

The majority of reviews are resolved within 2-5 business days. However, a review can be delayed if the fundraiser’s organizer fails to provide the information our team needs within that time frame.

What a Review Means for Your Ability to Transfer Funds

In the case we need to review your fundraiser, there will be a hold placed on your ability to transfer outgoing funds to the account of the organizer or the beneficiary. However, this is only the case until the review is complete. In order to remove the hold as quickly as possible, please provide any information requested by our team as quickly as possible once you receive notice of the review.

Once the review is complete and the hold is released, you’ll be able to resume outgoing transfers immediately.

How You’ll Know There’s a Review On Your Fundraiser

In the case of a Fundraiser review, we’ll likely need to collect some additional information. So, we’ll reach out to you to gather that information.

First, we’ll add a notification to your account, which you’ll be able to see when you login to Give A Hand.

Second, we’ll send you an email notifying you of the review and requesting information.

Concluding the Review

We’ll review the new information you’ve provided as quickly as possible. If we need even more information or clarity, we’ll reach out to you once again. If the information you provide is satisfactory with regard to the review of your fundraiser, any hold will be released and you’ll be up and running like normal.

TIP: Please note that a review won’t affect donors’ ability to donate to your fundraiser. Only your ability to transfer funds to your bank account may be affected until the review is complete.

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