Reporting a Fundraiser

Here at Give A Hand, we work extremely hard to prevent fraud of any kind. The safety and security of our users is our top priority.

But in the case that someone creates a fundraiser meant to mislead donors or misrepresent someone in any way, our dedicated team is able to rapidly investigate and take down any fraudulent fundraiser.

With that in mind, please carefully read and consider a few notes regarding the reporting of a fundraiser…

  1. Only fundraisers that violate our Terms of Service will be removed. This includes the majority of potential fraudulent activity, such as misleading donors, misrepresenting the subject of a fundraiser, and the proven misuse of funds.
  2. We will not remove fundraisers that do NOT violate our Terms of Service. So, personal disagreements may not qualify.
  3. Unless compelled by law or a moral concern for the safety of others, we will NOT share the name of the person reporting a fundraiser.

Need to report a fundraiser now? Please navigate to the fundraiser page and click on the “Report fundraiser” button below the donation area.

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