Important Bank Transfer Timelines

Bank Transfer Verification Deadline

Due to the fact that our payment processors are not allowed to hold funds beyond 100 days, any funds raised must be transferred to your bank or your beneficiary's' bank account within 100 days of your first received donation. If your bank transfer information is NOT provided or if you haven't completed the identity verification within 100 days, the donations will be refunded.

If you have completed your account verification and provided bank details but have not yet transferred your balance for more than 100 days, then such balance will be automatically transferred to the provided bank.

TIP: Setup your bank transfer details and complete the identity verification shortly after you have created your fundraiser, to make sure all information is verified.

Fund Availability Timeline

Please note that donations are not instantly reflected in the balance of your fundraiser, but they will immediately show in the “Total Raised” section. Your fundraiser will show the total amount raised over the life of the fundraiser whether or not you transfer funds.

Typically, each donation made to your fundraiser takes about two days to process and appear in your Balance. Once that happens, the donation (minus credit card transaction fees by our processor) will show in the “Balance” section.

Bank Transfer Timelines

Generally speaking, once a transfer is initiated, funds typically take 2 to 3 business days to arrive in the designated bank account. Please note after your first transfer, you will need to initiate additional transfers if you receive more donations.

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