How It Works

Here at Give A Hand, we created a way to make fundraising fast, easy, and secure. Why? We believe raising money for a good cause, whether it’s for individuals or charities, doesn’t have to be stressful and unpredictable.

And in this article, we’re giving you an overview of how it all works, plus a few tips on making your fundraising journey a successful one.

What Is Give A Hand?

Give A Hand is an online fundraising platform designed to optimize the fundraising process and experience. Thanks to collaboration with key partners, like Stripe, we give you an avenue through which you can raise funds for the cause you care about.

Start a fundraiser in minutes and begin spreading the word. Give A Hand makes it easy for generous individuals to donate, and for you to withdraw funds directly to your bank.

The Basics of Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is when a group of individuals unite behind a single cause by donating money until, hopefully, a financial target is reached. And Give A Hand is where these crowdfunding efforts are hosted.Now, while strangers will sometimes donate, it’s important to note that the success of any crowdfunding effort often depends on sharing the effort with the right people. This often means tapping into your community of friends, family, colleagues, and beyond.Of course, not everyone has a massive network ready to support a cause. That’s ok. While Give A Hand does not actively seek out donors for your crowdfunding effort, we do offer guidance on how to make your efforts visible to a larger audience.

3 Keys to a Successful Fundraiser

  1. Tap Into Your Personal Network: You’ll want to begin by sharing your crowdfunding effort with the people you know, and Give A Hand makes it easy to do so. Social media will become one of your most powerful tools in this endeavor, as platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, and beyond give you the ability to quickly and directly reach your community.
  2. Expand Your Network: Within your community, identify individuals who care enough about the cause to join your fundraising team. Those individuals may be able to then post updates, coordinate within the team, and more. Best of all, those team members will share the fundraiser with their own communities, meaning you’ll reach a larger audience.
  3. Seek Out Groups Related to Your Cause: Think about which types of groups or organizations might care about your cause. These might include charities, nonprofits, churches, media, local clubs, and more. Share your story and ask these groups to donate and share.

In any case, it’s important to have a compelling story behind your fundraising efforts. Make it easy for people to connect with and care about your cause. When you do so, you’ll have a successful fundraising campaign on your hands.

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