What If I’m Asked to Provide Documents For My Bank Transfer?

If you’re asked to provide documents during the transfer process, our payment processor requires some additional information to ensure the funds are going to the correct place and that the funds will arrive securely.

We understand that this can feel like a hassle, but please know that it’s for your own security and safety.

And in the unlikely case that you’re asked to provide further documentation during the transfer process, simply follow the guidance in this article…

Fund Transfer Basics

  • It normally takes 2 to 5 business days for the funds to reach your bank account once the transfer is.
  • In your fundraiser account, the “Total Raised” refers to the total amount of funds raised via donations. The “Balance” refers to the amount available after transaction fees.
  • It normally takes 2 days for a donation to be processed and appear in the balance.
  • Once you have a balance, you’ll be able to provide bank account information and/or withdraw the balance.
  • After starting a transfer of funds, you can check the status of the transfer by navigating to “Bank Transfers” and viewing the activity.
  • In order to transfer funds to your bank account, you must meet the requirements listed here.

Common Reasons Your Documents Haven’t Been Verified

  1. The provided bank document doesn’t show necessary information. To resolve this issue, ask your bank for a document that shows your name, the last four digits of your account number, or your bank’s logo.
  1. The bank statement doesn’t show an account number. This mistake sometimes happens when a user accidentally uses a credit union number instead. To resolve this issue, ask your bank for a statement showing including the last four digits of your account number.
  1. The bank statement is 30+ days old. To resolve this issue, ask your bank for a more recent statement (within the last 30 days).
  1. The name provided for the transfer setup does not match the name provided via ID and bank statement. To resolve this issue, simply edit the bank transfer and make sure the names match perfectly.
  1. The uploaded passport or ID is expiring. To resolve this issue, please submit a new document or contact our support team for help.

Document Requirements

Two core documents are typically required for a bank transfer: a personal bank statement and a government-issued ID (can be a passport).

If you do NOT have a personal bank statement, you can instead provide one of these documents:

  • Bank letter
  • Signed and stamped direct deposit form
  • Voided check

Below we’ll list the requirements for your two core documents. Please note that all required information must be printed rather than handwritten.

  • Personal Bank Statement Requirements
    • Full legal name
    • Account number
    • Bank logo
      • This document cannot be 30+ days old
  • Government-Issued ID or Passport
    • Full legal name (must match on the bank statement)
    • Separate images of the front and back of your ID or image of the full passport photo page. Photos must be clear, visible, and in color.
    • A file size within listed limits
      • The document cannot be expired
      • The document cannot have redacted information (it must show all information)

Upload Documents

If additional documentation is required, you’ll likely receive an email saying so. That email will likely include a link to the section of the website where you can upload documents after signing in.

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